With decades of lending experience, we’ll work with your team to understand your needs. Through our proprietary loan assignment tool, we’ll deliver your desired volume of loans each month at the optimal credit mix that produces a desirable yield at an appropriate amount of credit risk. With our vast network of dealers, we will deliver loans to your existing members regardless of where they originated.

There is no better way to responsibly expand your indirect auto loan portfolio than to partner with CUautoFi.


CUautoFi works hard to provide credit unions the best expertise and support in growing their lending portfolio.

Manage Auto Dealer Relationships
Manage Auto Dealership Relationships
We manage a vast dealership network of over 800 auto dealerships in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. We build and value these relationships through our team of experienced service champions.
We underwrite in a standard and consistent manner, no matter which credit union the loan is sent. Our team follows strict underwriting standards to keep pace with the market.
Loan Origination & Processing
Loan Origination & Processing
Utilizing a universal membership application, our team will originate and fund the loans within 72 hours. We will assign each loan and member to a Credit Union partner and achieve their desired volume and credit mix.
Additional Services
CUautoFi is dedicated to each Credit Union partner in order to provide the best service. Along with loan origination and underwriting, we also provide title management and GAP refunds. Our Credit Union partners are 100% loan holders of each assigned borrower, while CUautoFi stands as the lienholder in order to manage title perfections and releases. We’ll provide regular title management reports and work with dealerships on any title issues. Additionally, we’ll notify dealerships of early loan payoffs to request refunds on member’s behalf. These refunds will remit to the Credit Union loan holder.

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