Have a New Loan with Us?

If you recently purchased a vehicle with a loan through CUautoFi, we want to cover a few items with you.

What to Expect

Now that you have your vehicle, our team will connect you to a credit union. You’ll receive a notice from CUautoFi stating which credit union will service your loan through email within 3-4 business days. While CUautoFi acts as the lienholder on your title, you will make payments to the credit union connected with your loan.

Within 10-12 business days, the credit union will mail you a member packet with account information, loan details, and instructions on how to make your loan payments.

Update Your Insurance

You will need to provide the necessary insurance information and upload your policy*. Please list CUautoFi as the lienholder or loss payee on your insurance policy.

Insurance Lienholder Information:
Update Insurance

Please note: Full coverage insurance is required while your vehicle is financed and must have Comprehensive and Collision coverage with deductibles that do not exceed $1,000 for auto and motorcycle, and $1,500 for boat and recreational vehicles. Should you fail to maintain the required insurance throughout the life of the loan, the credit union who funds your loan may (but shall not be required to and without prejudice to its right if it does not) purchase a policy for its own protection and pass the cost of the policy onto you, the borrower. The credit union may, but is not required to, attempt to contact you prior to purchasing the insurance and, as an option, add the premium cost to your loan, which may cause an increase to your regular payments.

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